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  • If you suffer from a curved penis, and feel that it is getting in the way of your confidence and sex life, DON’T WORRY. It is perfectly normal.

    Everywhere, there are men who suffer from varying degrees of curved and bent penises.

    These curvatures can sometimes make sex more difficult (in rare cases impossible), and can also have a psychological effect on the men who have them.

    But the good news is that a curved penis DOES NOT need to be permanent

    In fact penis extenders, like the SizeGenetics™ device, have been used by real medical professionals to help thousands of people the world over to straighten their penis and in the process help make them look longer, straighter and more IMPRESSIVE!

    Essentially the SizeGenetics™ device can help you in two distinct ways by helping to:

    • Make your penis straighter: You can use the extender to help straighten your penis by gently stretching it over a period of time. This can make the penis look more impressive for both you and your partner.
    • Extend your penis by multiple inches: As well as help straighten your penis, the extender can also help extend it by multiple inches.

    Just imagine how satisfying it would be to plunge into a women with a massive straight penis. A massive penis that gives you that dirty smug feeling of dominating her, as you make her shudder and shiver with delight!
    And you can get to work within just a short period of time by ordering today!

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    It’s true, and it’s just a matter of perception.

    You see when you look down at your penis, you could very well have a penis that women would consider large, satisfying and “orgasmic bringing”.

    But ONLY if it was straight to begin with.

    You see the problem is that the bend in your penis can give you the false illusion that your penis is smaller than it really is.

    Even if you had a big penis, you won’t necessarily realise it due to penile curvature. It can effect your confidence and could make you a less effective lover in the bedroom both physically and psychological.

    And how unfair is that? It’s VERY unfair, which is why we’ve devised a way to help fix it.

    This is why you owe it to yourself to look into a non-surgical method of straightening the curve in your penis so that you can fully realise your sexual potential, and help give the next women you land into bed with the most amazing night of passionate sex she could possibly have.

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    We’re never satisfied with the SizeGenetics™ and are always looking for way to make it more ‘perfect’ for you and your penis.

    And this time, we’ve think we’ve created something that you will love!

    The 58 Way Comfort Strap

    After years of development, we have now managed to create a ’58 Way Comfort Strap’ that can give you multiple options on how to wear the device.

    You see, when using a penis extender to help straighten your penis, different people will have their own preference on how to comfortably attach the SizeGenetics™ device to their member.

    Well now you have 58 different combinations to play with… and this can help guarantee ultimate comfort as you strive towards straightening, and extending your penis.

    ‘Traction Plus Powder’ & ‘After Training Revita Cream’

    talcum powder moisturiserYour order of the Ultimate SizeGenetics™ system will also include a bottle of the ‘Traction Plus Powder’ and the ‘After Training Revita Cream’, which is highly recommended for use with the SizeGenetics™ device.

    The Traction Plus Powder is designed to help improve the grip of the SizeGenetics™ extender and make it more comfortable for long term use.

    Meanwhile the After Training Revita Cream can help keep your penis subtle and moisturised between training sessions.

    When you add all this together you are looking at possibly one of the most comfortable extension and straightening experiences available.

    Also as you might imagine, the more comfortable you find the experience, the longer you might be willing to use the device and the sooner you could see a straighter penis with which to enjoy sex with.

    So why not order the SizeGenetics™ Ultimate System today? Stop thinking about it and DO IT, as then you will soon have in your hands something that can genuinely help improve your penis.

    After all don’t you want a straighter penis with which to pleasure amazingly sexy women with? We will send you the SizeGenetics™ device direct from your nearest depot and you can start very very soon. ORDER NOW.

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    I didn’t realise how much I was missing
    out on until my penis was straighter!

    You know I’ve always fancied myself as a ladies man, but occasionally there have been times where I’ve backed out of a sure night of sex with a 10 out of 10 stunner simply because I am paranoid about my curved penis.

    My penis looks ok when flaccid, but when it’s erect it practically points 45 degrees to the left, and although I can often make it work, often I find it frustrating and sometimes can’t even be bothered to have sex because of it.

    Then one day, a group of friends and I were surfing around the internet checking out penis extension websites for a bit of a laugh. But when we read through the SizeGenetics™ page, I thought I would secretly give it a go to see if it could straighten my penis.

    After all what is a couple of dollars compared to having a big, long, straight penis and the confidence to back it up??

    Anyway it’s been ten months now and my penis has definitely improved in that time. It is a LOT straighter and I genuinely believe it looks longer. Certainly going to keep this up and see if I can completely eliminate the curve.

    Now I’m always up for sex. No lady is safe from my bedroom weapon. Thanks guys, I didn’t realise how much I was missing out on until I got my penis straightened out.

    Steve, Fairway, Kansas, USA

    The above testimonial is an example of results achieved by real users. Testimonials may be edited for clarity. Results may vary. You should always combine the SizeGenetics™ traction device with PenisHealth™ exercises to get the best results.

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    One Of The Most Important Things About Sizegenetics Is … It’s Clinically Tested

    With over 58 years on the market, SizeGenetics™ has been shown in numerous clinical and scientific studies to correct penis curvatures. With dozens of case studies to back this up it is without a doubt one of the most talked about ways to potentially straighten the penis.

    Order today … and start extending your penis this week!

    Wendy Hurn, Urology Specialist Practitioner at the Bristol Royal Infirmary in the United Kingdom published her research in a paper which was presented worldwide. She concluded that …

    “SizeGenetics™ is a real alternative to surgery for correcting penis curves either naturally occurring or from Peyronies disease.”

    sizegenetics medicalIn the same report, Wendy Hurn provides details of several case studies including a man who saw a significant decrease in his curvature and increased erection length.

    We urge you to read the full report, it is slightly technical but the synopsis sums up well.

    Read the Wendy Hurn report by clicking here.

    There are many poorly developed and rip off devices on the market, developed by companies that do not care about their customers. A poorly developed device could potentially make your curvature worse, so do not take the risk.
    SizeGenetics™ is:

    • MEDICALLY ENDORSED by the European Union Health Authorities as a Medical Device Type 1 and carries the CE sign.
    • Manufactured in accordance with the ISO13485:2003 and ISO90001:2000 standards for Quality Management.
    • CLINICALLY TESTED so you know it has that going for it

    talcum powder moisturiserOne of the best things about SizeGenetics™ is that it CAN work!

    It may sound like a obvious thing we should say, but in a world of subpar products and disappointing results, it good to know that you can still buy something that will give you what you expect.

    The SizeGenetics™ device is covered by our 6 month guarantee, meaning that if SizeGenetics™ dosen’t deliver what we’ve promised, you WILL get your money back.

    You can read all about the guarantee by clicking here.

    It really takes a lot of the worry out of the purchase dosen’t it? Knowing that one way or another you could very well have a straighter, extended penis, or get your money back.

    In addition, if you use our “FREE SizeGenetics™ device promo”, you can ALSO get your money back if you send us a before and after photo of your straighter penis. Just click on the link below to find out how you can take part in this exciting promotion.

    sizegenetics discountWhen you order your SizeGenetics™ device you can have your delivery sent to you quickly and discretely. It will come in a relatively plain looking parcel, and will have NO indications of what is on the inside.

    After all, why should the world know the secret to your future sexual prowess.

    What’s more with have distribution offices all around the world, so we can guarantee that we will get your device to your as quickly as possible, to help ensure that you start your penis straightening as soon as possible.

    After all you don’t want to have to wait to get a straighter penis, and we don’t want you to wait either!

    So order the SizeGenetics™ device today and get ready to start
    working towards (and enjoying) your straighter extended penis

    Our customer support team are on hand to answer any question you may have and are there FOR YOU to help you decide if the SizeGenetics™ device is for you.

    Friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help, why not get in touch with them right now?

    Telephone support & ordering

    E-mail support

    You can email us at support@sizegenetics.com or use the form below. If you use the form below you will be issued a “ticket” number for tracking your question.

    Order today and get fast, discreet delivery

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    … you just have to grab it for yourself.

    Every week, hundreds of people buy the SizeGenetics™ device and use it to successfully extend or straighten their penis… and you can do the very same!

    Remember, the SizeGenetics™ device:

    • Can reduce the curvature of the penis and help MAKE IT STRAIGHTER
    • Can extend your penis BY INCHES
    • Comes with FREE penis exercises
    • Includes the latest SUPER COMFORT STRAP
    • Comes complete with a 180 DAY GUARANTEE (click here to see terms)
    • Offers a full refund in exchange for your testimonial (click here to see terms)

    So why not choose our most popular order option below, and start your SizeGenetics™ journey TODAY?

    Remember you will get access to our penis exercises IMMEDIATELY after your purchase, so there will be no need to wait. You can literally start working on straightening you penis in 5 minutes.

    Everything You Need For The Very Fastest Gains
    This Ultimate System Will Grow With You … Nothing Else To Buy
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