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  • Read About Our Impressive Media Endorsements Right Here …

    sizegenetics mediaWe know exactly how it feels to be where you are now. To buy or not to buy, right?

    SizeGenetics™ can work for YOU, there’s no doubt about that. And we’ve tried throughout this site to show you the proof that it works for others, and it could work for you. We’ve included Testimonials from customers, many who have provided before and after photos to back up their gains.

    You’ve read how doctor endorse the SizeGenetics™ device and the fact that you will be owning a ligitimate Type 1 Medical Device, something which many other devices simply don’t have.

    So now, let’s have a look at what the media has to say about SizeGenetics™.

    The SizeGenetics™ device has regularly featured on TV and in magazine, and not some never heard of TV channel either, but from major international tv stations such as the BBC and Channel 4. And then we’ll show you our coverage in the prestigious GQ magazine …

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    Unpaid Feature For SizeGenetics™ In Leading Men’s Magazine

    With so many penis extention advertisements appearing in unreliable sources how can you be sure which products actually work?

    When you see a feature in a respected magazine that you know is not a paid advert you know that the SizeGenetics™ device is a ligimate extender and something rather special.

    SizeGenetics™ was featured in the May 2008 issue of leading men’s magazine, GQ Magazine.

    GQ magazine saw our device and were impressed with the clinical tests and endorsements we have to back-up our claims.

    Therefore, one of their feature writers, James Mullinger, decided to give it a try for 4 months and report back on his experience.

    Although James admitted he did not wear the device for the recommended number of hours each day, he still was able to achieve a extention of half an inch in length within a relatively short period of time.

    If only he used the device for longer, he could of got so much more!

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    With more and more respected media sources featuring SizeGenetics™ we are beginning to show the world that non-surgical penis extension is a reality. For this reason our stock is selling quickly, so we advise you to order today to AVOID DISSAPOINTMENT.

    To see how the SizeGenetics™ system compares to other methods click here.

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    Featured in MensHealthAs part of the drive to get the word out that non-surgical penis extension and enlargement is a reality, we worked with the BBC to feature the SizeGenetics™ device on the Jonathon Ross show.

    And recently we was also featured in Men’s Health Magazine UK, yet another indication of our growing reputation.

    sizegenetics media

    We know that even though SizeGenetics™ has been trialled successfully by GQ magazine you may still have your doubts.

    We want to show to you that we are 100% confident that you could see results like James did at GQ magazine.

    Therefore, as an extra incentive to purchase we are offering you a EXCLUSIVE $50.00 discount when you purchase our full enlargement system today.

    Simply visit our online order page and insert the code ‘WORLD50′ in the e-voucher field and your discount will automatically be applied.

    Alternatively place your order over the phone by calling and quoting the same code.

    sizegenetics media

    If you use the SizeGenetics™ System and do not get extension gains (which is unlikely since the device is clinically tested) then we will give you a refund.This is a guarantee we firmly stand behind and honor. We are very contactable either by phone or our e-mail ticketing system (replies within 24 hours).

    So what have you got to lose? NOTHING.

    You can order the SizeGenetics™ today (don’t forget to use discount code WORLD50 to get you $50 off!) Then you can use it to extend your penis by inches. And if you don’t? Simply contact us and we will organise your refund. It’s a WIN WIN situation.

    Order today … because the sooner you order, the sooner you’ll be able to start!

    sizegenetics media

    At SizeGenetics™ we want YOUR HELP to prove that extending the penis by inches with SizeGenetics™ is possible. And we are willing to give you the device for FREE to help us do this.

    You see, most men who buy the device (95%+) are still skeptical about it but want to give it a shot. They start using the device for a few months, might see some gains and start telling everybody they know that it works!

    However because of the initial skeptism they do not take a BEFORE picture, all they have is an AFTER picture.

    The more BEFORE and AFTER pictures we have, the easier it is to show people that the device can work for them. In our forum there are over 50,000 men discussing the gains they have made, but still nothing is more convincing than a great testimonial.

    Therefore if you take a ligitimate before and after photo of your new extended penis, we will REFUND the price of your SizeGenetics™ order! To read the complete terms on this amazing offer, simply click here.

    So REMEMBER, when you buy the system, make sure you take a before picture! When you finally take the after picture, you can send it in with your testimonial, and get a FULL COST refund in just matter of days! You do not need to include your face, just your penis next to a tape measure.

    Even my wife is pleased…
    2.1 inch gain in erect length

    “After four months of use, I am amazed by the results. Even my wife is please, as she smiled and hugged me upon seeing my most recent measurements. Starting the program, my measurement were a erect length of 4.4 inches and erect girth of 4.3 inches. My current measurements are now a erect length of 6.5 inches, and erect girth of 5.0 inches.

    That is a 2.1 inch gain in erect length, and a 0.7 inch gain in erect girth.”

    “Your wonderful device, which is comfortable to wear, has indeed made me more of a man and the gains in self-confidence, whilst immeasurable, are huge.”

    The above testimonial is an example of results achieved by real users. Testimonials may be edited for clarity. Results may vary. You should always combine the SizeGenetics™ traction device with PenisHealth™ exercises to get the best results.

    Natural Erection Enlarging Is Proved Possible On Channel 4′s Extreme Male Beauty!

    On his show “Extreme Male Beauty”, Tim Shaw goes out to investigate what everyman wants to know: Is natural penis extention possible?

    And Tim finds out that enlarging your erections and extending you peni IS possible!

    In the programme Tim Shaw decides to investigate a number of penile improvement methods, including the SizeGenetics™ base device itself and penis exercises, as featured in the PenisHealth programme which is available as part of the SizeGenetics™ Ultimate System.

    Ultimate proof that these penis methods works!

    In the programme, Tim decides to make a before and after cast of his penis so that he can accurately measure the gains he makes. The results are shocking! After trying the various methods he goes on to earn over a 1/2 inch gain in erection length in only 2 weeks!

    “A 1/2 inch gain in length in only 2 weeks!

    With belief and dedication, Tim was able to give himself a 8 inch erection for himself and his wife to enjoy and became one step closer to being the perfect man he longed to be.

    Now it’s your turn! With such strong proof as this there is no need to wait any longer, so order today and start your journey to penile perfection.

    Order SizeGenetics™ right now … and you could become our next success story!

    4 Great Reasons To Extend Your Penis With SizeGenetics™

    1) Erection enlargement is endorsed by leading Channel 4 journalist Tim Shaw, who managed to get an 8.5 erect penis in 2 weeks!
    2)SizeGenetics™ is endorsed by GQ Magazine writer James Mullinger when who manageed to extend his penis past the 7 inch mark within only 4 months.
    3) SizeGenetics™ has over 13,000 satisfied customers… whose success stories you can read on RIGHT NOW at the SizeGenetics™ testimonial page!

    Order today and you could end your frustration and embarrassment forever

    Finally the media really are getting behind penis extender devices as a genuine alternative to surgery. Extention gains of inches are possible for our dedicated users!

    Imagine being able to do what Tim has done; secretly extend your penis in a short amount of time and give your partner the surprise of their life with your enhanced penis.

    Enter values to calculate your estimated results.
    Calculations based on our average growth rate with the traction device ONLY. Adding
    the PenisHealth exercises will help you gain faster, more noticeable results.


    It’s Time To Order SizeGenetics™ RIGHT NOW!

    more comfort more useYou want a extended penis and SizeGenetics™ can give it you.

    Clinically tested and shown to help extend your penis by inches and manufactured to the highest possible standard, it’s also tested for optimum ‘tension resistance’.

    This means you can relax in the knowledge that your device is expertly engineered from the finest materials, to help ensure safe and comfortable results. And don’t forget ONLY SizeGenetics™ has the 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System.

    Unbelievable important … because if you can’t get comfortable you simply won’t wear it. If you don’t wear it you can’t grow.

    With our device you’ll be totally comfortable because you have a ‘fits like a glove’ 58 different ways to get comfortable.

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    P.S Remember that comfort is VERY important. Why own a device that you can not use? We are the ONLY company to offer a 58 way comfort technology WITH our device!

    Also…. Recent Daily Mail Online story that the British Association of Urological Surgeons found that traction methods were most effective in extending penis length!