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Every man wants to feel confident about his body as he develops. This feeling also extends to the genitalia. If you don't think highly about your penis size, this perception can impact you on both physical and mental levels. You may have even contemplated enlarging your penis with today's latest products or treatments. Learning more about SizeGenetics and traction therapy is a clever way to improve your confidence and physical size. Discover how you can enlarge your penis at home with comfort and safety as your best tools.

Discussing penis size

Many men may not realize that their genitalia are well within the average size range. In general, an erect penis is usually around five to six inches long. This average can vary across the globe, but a much bigger penis isn’t usually the rule. Keep in mind that the average woman only has a vagina that’s around three inches long. Similar sizes of the genitalia between men and women only increases the odds of pleasure and possible reproduction.

If you’re still not happy with your erect or flaccid penis, looking for solutions is perfectly natural. SizeGenetics is a product that can help all men with its discreet and at-home treatment method.

Drawbacks to penis perception

Men who’re dealing with genitalia worries, such as comparing it to the size of an index finger, can see negative effects in everyday life. Their confidence drops, which impacts them at work, school and in personal relationships. They might be losing weight and feeling low on a daily basis. The simplest solution to these feelings might be to make your penis bigger.

Your bodily perception is incredibly important to your well-being. It shouldn’t be construed as just a vanity desire. Both your mind and body may be badly affected if you don’t find a reasonable solution to your concerns. Penile lengthening with SizeGenetics could be your perfect choice.

Medical diagnoses

Many men deal with the reality of medical disorders when it comes to genital concerns. You might have Peyronie’s disease or penile dysmorphic disorder. In your case, penis enlargement isn’t just about looking or feeling stronger. A medical condition makes erections or even urination difficult.

It’s possible to use SizeGenetics as relief for these ailments. This device uses stretching as a way to increase blood flow to the genitalia. Some men even use traction to treat erectile dysfunction. Speak to your doctor about your medical condition and possible solutions with traction treatment. Sexual medicine is just as critical to your health as exercise and eating right.

Deciding on enlargement options

Increasing penis length takes some research on your end. From male enhancement pills to outright penis surgery, men have multiple options when it involves penis enlargement. You have to decide if you want a dramatic change with a substantial cost or a more cost-effective approach, such as using SizeGenetics. This at-home solution is worth a look. In fact, it’s appropriate to look at the most popular options for penis enlargement before you make any decisions. Learn more about the penis pump, penis sleeve and other choices right now.

A. Injections

A simple way to make the penis bigger is by turning to injections. A doctor might prescribe a certain medication so that you can achieve an erection when needed. Penis injections involve needles, syringes and administering the medication before intimate acts.

This penis enlargement choice is truly for temporary use of the organ. It doesn’t make the tissue any larger than it is naturally. After the injection wears off, the shaft has the same shape and size as before. Men who want to avoid injecting anything into their penis shaft should look for other options.

B. Pumps

Penis pumps produce a larger shaft immediately after use. When men use the pumps on their tissues, blood rushes to the area. The penis becomes engorged, which gives it the appearance of a larger size. When the stimulation subsides, however, the tissue will be the same size and shape as before.

In fact, using pumps too often might result in tissue damage. The shaft won’t become larger with extended use of these pumps. You need a scientifically based solution with SizeGenetics. Systematic stretching of the tissue can make it bigger than before with lasting results.

C. Sleeves

Penis sleeves or penile extenders are products that you slip onto the shaft when you’re ready for intimate acts. They come in many shapes and sizes. In general, sleeves give you a longer and wider shaft when it’s needed with a partner.

These sleeves, however, don’t give you a permanent change to the body. They slip on and off like clothing. Men who want a lasting change to their genitalia will need a better solution. SizeGenetics has a device that uses stretching in order to achieve a naturally larger penis than before.

Understanding penis enlargement surgery

It’s natural to be curious about penis enlargement surgery. There are many types, but Penuma is an approved treatment by the FDA. A doctor inserts a silicone section into the shaft to achieve a wider penile girth. This surgery involves an incision, implant adjustment and substantial recovery time. Pain and discomfort will follow the procedure, including sensations around the shaft, testicles and pubic bone.

In addition, it’s incredibly rare for any insurance to cover this procedure, which means that you must pay for the entire cost. Depending on the doctor and your condition, these surgeries can cost from $10,000 to $25,000. There may be complications afterward too. Looking for less invasive options, such as SizeGenetics, makes sense for most men.

Exploring traction devices

Traction is used to set bones into place when they’re broken. SizeGenetics applies this concept to the penile region. The reason why the shaft gains more width and length during traction is due to a process called cytokinesis.

As the device carefully applies tension to the penis, the body reacts with cellular replication. Real tissue around the shaft begins to develop, which contributes to a straighter, longer and wider organ. Excess fat doesn’t accumulate to create this size. In reality, the tissue arises as a reaction to the strain on the shaft. For this reason, SizeGenetics can work for nearly every individual who uses the device as directed.

Wearing SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics offers one of the easiest ways to enlarge your penis. Use it entirely at home in your spare time. The system comes with two cradles to support your shaft along with adjustable rods. Slide the cradles onto your shaft as directed by the guidelines. Attach the rods so that they’re parallel to the penis. Adjust the rods so that you feel a slight tension on the organ. The directions tell you to wear the device each day for longer periods of time with every session.

Carving out time

SizeGenetics requires dedicated time to wearing the device. It will take about one to two months of committed use to see the measurable results. Carve out time with the device by thinking outside of the box. Wear loose-fitting pants at home along with SizeGenetics. Balance the checkbook, watch TV or read a good book as you put in the time. The device should be comfortable enough for movement around the home, which allows the maximum amount of time to be committed to enlarging the penis.

Trusting the design

Simply stretching the tissue and seeing real results is happening for thousands of men. With your commitment to SizeGenetics, you’ll see the shaft widen, lengthen and straighten. Remember that there’s no pain associated with this treatment. If you notice pain during any treatment period, adjust the device. The rods may be set at an improper tension or pubic hair got accidentally stuck in the mechanism. Every session should include a gentle tugging at the tissue as you go about your business. You can trust in SizeGenetics because it also has a medically cleared certification from the FDA. Most devices in the marketplace today can’t make the same claim.

Shipping with discretion

Ordering a traction device online is one of the simplest purchasing decisions you can make. You also don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your personal business showing up at the door either. This penis stretching product arrives in a nondescript box so that only you know what’s inside. Its storage case is also discreet, which means you can keep it in any corner around the house. Perform your stretching exercises wherever it’s comfortable, such as the bedroom, for instance. SizeGenetics also offers customer service whenever you have a question. Ask us about use, warranty or other subjects. Every conversation is private so that you can get the most out of your device.

If concerns about penis length are on your mind, exploring the lasting effects of SizeGenetics is an intelligent solution. Take your own measurements throughout the treatment process to really see the difference. Whether you’re dealing with a smaller-than-average shaft or erectile dysfunction, SizeGenetics has relief within its design. Feel better about yourself today with traction therapy tomorrow.

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